Ford Fiesta

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Car was bought as new from M-Sport Poland with full options in 2019.8, then upgraded to Rally4 for the 2020 season. Hungarian champion in 2019. In total 1200ss km. The car is prepared for the 2021 homologation rules (weight, restrictor, map)

Spare parts and optional parts:
– 12 wheels
– medium and soft ARB
– medium and soft springs
– spark plugs
– endless pads
– m sport pads
– brake disks
– all 3 diff ramp options
– R2T19 gear set 700sskm (Rally4 gear set 500sskm)
– front and rear bumpers
– complete rear beam
– front driveshafts
– front hubs
– mudflaps
– low/high seat rail

Price is 59.000 EUR for the car – parts package excluded.