Citroen DS3

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Citroen DS3 R3 Max ready to race!!
Perfect condition!!

Sold with both kits (Tarmac and Gravel) for 68.000€
If sold with tarmac kit only the price is 63.000€!!!

Parts Mileage:
Chassis – 500km
Engine – 160km
Gearbox – 1070km
Tarmac Brakes – 200km
Tarmac Dampers – 1070km

Gravel Brakes – 180km
Gravel Dampers – 180km

Spare Parts included:

10 Gravel Wheels
28 Tarmac Wheels
1 Bonnet Light Pods
Used Front Tarmac Discs
1 Front Left driveshaft (NEW)
1 Front Right Driveshaft (NEW)
Few engine and gearbox sensors (New and used)

Safety Equipments Expiration date:

Seat Buckets – 2022
Safety Harnesses – 2024
Fuel tank – 05/2022
Plumbed In Fire Extinguisher ¬– 06/2021